Frequently Asked Question

What should I wear when I come climbing?

It is crucial to wear clothing that is non-restrictive. Make sure you are wearing something that is comfortable and allows for a generous amount of stretching and movement.

How long will a tent last?

A tent's lifespan is directly connected to the amount you use it. A tent's biggest enemy is UV radiation (just like your skin). A tent that lives in extreme conditions at high altitude, such as Everest Base Camp, may only last a few months, while a well taken care of tent, used occasionally under normal conditions, can last for many years.

Which is the basic fishing gear that I need?

Fishing basics include a rod, reel, line, hook, and bait or lure that are matched to the type of fish you’re after. Generally, spin-casting equipment is easier for beginners than bait-casting equipment. You’ll also want a tackle box with various hooks, baits, lures and other tackle.

What should I pack for the summer outdoor days?

Water, water, and more water! It can get hot out there, we recommend packing at least 2 liters of water. You will also want to send a rain jacket, just in case, along with sunscreen, a healthy lunch and snack, and any necessary medications. We will hike in and out of our climbing site so a sturdy backpack is a great way to transport everything.

How should I store my tent?

Never pack or store your tent if it is wet, damp or dirty. Storing a wet tent for as little as 24 hours in warm weather is likely to start the process of mildew forming on the fabric. Mildew will cause your tent to stain and smell. For long-term storage, keep your tent in a dry and cool area, out of direct sunlight.

What's the difference between natural and lures?

Natural fishing bait includes attractants like minnows, cut bait, leeches, mealworms and insects, natural stuff that fish like to eat. If your bait isn't natural, it’s a lure, which is a manufactured replica of natural bait or material designed to look and move like things that fish like to eat.

How to wash a backpack?

Regularly wiping them down can help to minimize dirt building up, but if your rucksack is really dirty or has started to smell, you’re going to have to wash it properly. If your backpack is not machine washable or cannot be fully submerged, you can use a wet cloth with a small amount of detergent-free soap.

What's the best way to clean my tent?

Cleaning your tent is not necessary unless it has an offensive odor or becomes heavily soiled. If heavily soiled, the pressure from a regular garden hose will remove most loose dirt. For more severe cleaning, set up your tent and hand wash it with warm water, a sponge and mild, non-detergent soap. Do not use dishwashing liquid, detergent, bleach, pre-soaking solutions, or spot removers. Never dry clean, machine-wash or machine-dry your tent.

How to choose the correct fishing line weight?

Fishing line weight should be matched to the species you are fishing for, the areas you are fishing and how you plan to fish. Complement line weight with the general fish size you expect to catch.



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