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HB-197A Ski Goggles Snowboard Safety Eyewear 100% UV Protection Wide View Interchangeable Lens


Product Weight: 1.7000 kg

Package Weight: 3.4000 kg

Product Size: 22.00 x 13.00 x 12.00 cm / 8.66 x 5.12 x 4.72 inches


Proudcut Description:

Ski and snowboard goggles are one of the essentials of your winter equipment. As these days skiing has become all the rage, do you plan to go skiing on the vacation? If you want to do so, you need to choose proper skiing gear at first. We will recommend the wonderful ski goggles to you. The goggles will protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight, flying particulates, cold temperature and so on. Moreover, in comparison with traditional ski goggles equipped with a one-layer lens, the lens of this ski goggles consists of 2 layers. The outer layer can prevent UV light effectively and the inner layer is resistant to fog. Wish you have a breath-taking and joyous skiing experience. Why not take one home and try out?


- Anti-fog & 100% UV protection

Two-way air ventilation system helps prevent fogging up. Dual layer lens with anti-fog coating has 100% UV protection, giving you a crystal clear vision in sunny, cloudy or snowy days.

- High impact resistance

Dual layer lens, soft TPU frame, and triple layer foam altogether ensure a safe skiing or snowboarding and protect you against impact. Inner layer foam is skin-friendly.

- Detachable lens

The goggles adopts clip-on design which is more stable than magnetic design and will not fall easily. Assembling instructions: Fit the lens to the middle of the frame first, then the other points.

- OTG (over-the-glasses)

The ski goggles features an OTG design that allows you to wear your glasses under the goggles. It fits glasses up to 5.5cm wide, 1.4cm tall. Frameless design provides a wider view.

- Universal helmet compatibility

The ski goggles has an elastic strap that fits most helmets for adults and teenagers. Non-slip strip helps the strap to stay stable.


Type: skiing eyewears 

Frame: TPU



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